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Created 26-Apr-12
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Original FileSoft EditingStronger VignetteGlamour GlowBleach BypassBlack & WhiteSepiaSepia 2Original fileMidnight FilterOriginal FileSoft EditingSunlight FilterBordersVintage Film FilterOriginal fileTonal ContrastOriginal FileBlack and White FilterOriginal file

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Guestbook for Photo Editing Examples
Linda Cresswell
It is exciting to finally have examples of photo editing on the website. I want to share with you all the different filters that I have so that when I edit photos for you, you will be getting exactly what you envision.

Please remember that there is a water mark on each photo but it only exists in cyber space. It is in no way is permanent to any of the photos.

Hope you enjoy seeing what editing can do!
Please email if you have any questions.

Linda Cresswell
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